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Had a few shortcomings, but still a great watch!

One of the core principles of rubberhosing is to preserve the volume of the animated object - you did it well in most cases, but sometimes the inconsistency completely ripped my suspension of disbelief. Also the drawing style sometimes didn't match, betraying it further.

Really liked the refference to Koko's dance, I really like the song and animation in the original. Also, the cutting scene was very enjoyable, the fact how everything went gritty, how well animated the blood splatters were (returning the animation to actual 1920's level of quality), that was pure joy.

I hope you don't mind me taking half a star for all of that, it was still incredible :)

Clockworkpixel responds:

Now thats a fantastic bit of feedback, hard fact about the style showing something that i need to improve! Thank you :)

A masterpiece, yes.

This is the shit, I remember laughing my ass off to this numerous times, good to finally see an authorized upload!

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Well done!

The fact that you need to collect the fish to get to the boss is rather annoying, I did it first time without being notified, the second time around the game asked me to do it all again, and I was like "nah".

supernovaig responds:

Thanks for the feedback, LunaticDancer. My intention at first for the game was that the fish would be optional collectibles, and if you got them, you'd get an alternative ending. However, due to time constraints, we could not do a satisfactory alternative ending, so it ended up like this (with the fish being mandatory). Sorry for your trouble, we'll consider that for our future games.

Very nice!
Not liking the delay on dash, the fact, how slashy the monsters are, how the world is vast but empty and also the fact that the perspective screws you a bit and you can't judge the distance sometimes.
Still, enjoyable and well put together!

Man, that was great! Loved the boss!

What got on my nerve:
The character won't turn when against the wall. And also, enemies starting with a random direction, making me fail in places I couldn't foresee.

And the music was unearthly! What's the title?

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I love how electronic music adapts more and more of metal aesthetic. This was quite nice music wise, I liked the discordant notes at the beginning.

Completely my vibe! I only wish it tried more to be memorable, have some really catchy leading themes.

That's tense for a Light Forest theme :D

Sounds like a background track from Cool 3D World videos

DiveLight responds:

Lol :)

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Made me chuckle, liking the resemblance in facial features to both those people and band members :D

I make edgy stuff when I don't slack off too much.

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